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Well.... it's better...

2008-03-29 07:30:56 by Ombramorta

Submitted "Chicks" and it went...good... reveiws were ok, score was a bit low but it was chronicly short so i'm planning on making a longer one soon.

In other news "Soul Calibur 4" has a new guest character, in this franchise we've seen link and others that make no coherent sence of being in the game be in the game... but it's fun anyway, well this time it's...


That is freaking awsome.
*also Darth Vader but he's really over used in, well, everything so it takes away the shock a little

I thank those who saved my first flash from being blammed, i know from one of my freinds that it can be hard to get stuff on to here. Not that that stops me laughing every now and then...